Humans Being

Can I be honest with you?

I was NOT a people person, not in the intimate setting sense. I was very cool in crowds because I could “get lost” and be a bit of a chameleon. So as you can image, when my former husband started a church it was NOT something I was crazy about. The beautiful thing about it thou, was it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and CONNECT with people.

It was not easy! I even had some unfortunate situations happen as result of my “coming out to play.” The truth is we’re all created to CONNECT. Man THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE WORD OF THE DECADE!! The world is crazed about social media because it allows us to CONNECT in ways we haven’t in times past but it becomes a problem when we stop CONNECTING the way we were originally created to, person to person (face to face).

Now I am a people person. I am always up for the challenge to CONNECT with people. It just feels right to just be in the moment and engaging another human being. Hmmmmm that’s interesting, a “HUMAN…BEING.” I believe there’s nothing more human beautiful than being with another human, being.

Find someone to engage today. Don’t text them. Don’t Facebook them. Don’t even Tweet them. Just be human and CONNECT the good old fashion way.

Hey! Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope it has inspired you to pursue healthier relationships.




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