Affirming Yourself

Self Affirmations have been my life line to rebuilding my confidence and inner strength. So let me ask you this question. What's the first thing you say to yourself when you open your eyes in the morning? Of course, after you have thank God for a new day!

One of the first things I say in the morning is, "Today is a perfect day!" Then I follow it with, "Today is my teach and I will be a good steward of today. I am an irresistible magnet today for everything that belongs to me, it's my divine right. I baptize this day in great success."

It is so very important to remind yourself of who you are before the world attempts to tell you who to be. Did you catch that? You must be the first person you hear that defines you. After I hear the voice of God the next voice I listen for is my own.

What are you saying to you?

What are you telling yourself?

Write the vision for yourself down. Make it plain and the speak it aloud.

Affirm yourself!




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