"I'm So Proud of Myself," 

from the book series, 

"The Adventures of L.J. The Great."























This book series is providing emotional and academic support to the children who need to know their value.

"I'm So Proud of Myself," teaches children to be proud of who they are and their accomplishments.











My son Joshua is the inspiration behind L.J. Joshua was a very emotionally broken

child after experiencing the divorce of his parents at age 2. During grammar school

he always excelled academically but his behavior resulted in my visiting the school 3 to 4 times a week.

His struggle with anger became a family struggle. I was desperate to help my son. Joshua's entire

life changed in 5th grade. All the work, the support and the love I had to 

"learn" how to give him paid off.

I now coach over 150 students for a national non-profit. I see my son everyday in a lot of

the boys I mentor. I knew we had to take my son's triumphs and empower other kids.

"The Adventures of L.J. the Great," was created.


I have worked to help kids overcome emotional challenges for over 20 years. I have even

had to do the work of emotional healing myself as an adult. I have seen the

power of a healthy mind and heart.

Teaching kids how to be proud empowers them to be successful.




I am looking for heroes who see children everyday and know 

that something more can be done to build greatness in our children.

Will you be one of those heroes?

Do you know anyone who would like to be a hero for children?


Your $20 investment

We will GIFT a child 1 FREE, "I'm So Proud of Me," book personalized in your honor.

Your investment will also help us launch the series and our 

Musical Read Aloud Book Tour featuring original music by Lisa McClendon.


Invest in 1...2...3 or 10 children. 

The decision is yours!

With your help we can GIVEAWAY

1000 books to 1000 kids!


Click here to make your investment




Lisa McClendon is an award-winning singer/songwriter and author whose pen and voice advocates for the greatness in women. Lisa is also a motivational speaker who has been empowering young women through her non-proft for girls.  Lisa McClendon continues to travel the country and abroad sharing her movement of greatness to women young and young at heart through her music, books and speaking.

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